The Value of our Product

Mil Agro, Inc. is a company dedicated to the formulation and distribution of natural, environmentally safe and organic products for commercial agricultural production with a focus on plant biostimulants and nutrition.

We are committed to the protection of biodiversity, environmental quality, sustainable development, food safety and the growth of our customers. We have a team of agronomists with experience in more than 40 countries and 300 different crops from the tropics to the temperate zones of the world, ready to assist our clients when they need it.

We do our work effectively, in a transparent and orderly manner, where communication is open, reciprocal and continuous, with a commitment to our planet and those who inhabit it.

Our corporate headquarters are located in the state of Utah with production facilities on the west coast of the United States of America.
We focus on the sustainability of the environment, optimizing plant nutrition through the use of our products, enhancing quality and yield of crops, and generating income.

The products of the Keylamax line of Mil Agro, offer minerals chelated and complexed with amino acids and other organic molecules, imitating the natural mechanisms of living organisms to absorb and translocate minerals, making them fully compatible and bioavailable to the plant.

Thanks to the neutrality of the electrical charge and the size of the molecules, they are not repelled or retained on the surface of the leaves, but quickly absorbed. These amino acids and other organic minerals that accompany the minerals, form a complex and fulfill the role of ligands.  The ligands are metabolized by the plant, resulting in energy savings and energy input. The results are visible in a few hours in many cases.

Mil Agro’s biostimulant and mineral products help promote early and vigorous growth, resistance to adverse weather conditions, greater and better root development which all contribute to greater quality, yield and long-term consistency of the crop. The overall health of the crop improves helping the resistance of the plant against attacks from disease and pests which can in turn reduce the need of other expensive agricultural inputs.

The Mil Agro product line has the precise concentrations that together with all its physical and chemical characteristics mentioned above, makes our products the best alternative for the foliar nutrition of your crops.

Trust in us, and together we will make intelligent vegetable nutrition

Plant Biostimulants and Nutrition

Mission: Mil Agro is a company dedicated to the creation of environmentally safe, natural, and organic plant bio-stimulants and nutritional products.